About Us


The idea began in 2007 when our founder took part in her first figure competition, bringing home two trophies.  That same year, her husband was tragically diagnosed with ALS.
As Jim's disabilities grew, his business suffered in the housing crash of 2008, and Tracy went looking for feminine gym accessories to help her get back into the gym in order to maintain her physical strength for full time caregiving.  Finding that there was nothing available back then....Femme Fitale Fitness was born in 2009 in order to supplement the family income that had been greatly diminished due to illness.
Made of quality materials, these are not wimpy gloves.  They are real lifting gloves with multi layer, leather, padded palms (sueded grip for traction)...we just made them pretty!
Our gloves help you to stand out and look feminine while still being able to push yourself with heavy weights and avoid the nasty calluses so commonly gained while working out.
We take great pride in our beginnings and in our woman owned small business. We strive to make products that you love as much as we do.
Match your outfit or your mood with Femme Fitale Fitness!

In loving memory of our beloved Jim: 1961-2013
(Photo at Massabielle Grotto - Lourdes France)


Recognized by Sara Blakely of SPANX in the Leg Up contest for women entrepreneurs!!!